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How to position yourself as a professional artist

By October 26, 2018 No Comments

The art world is a highly competitive environment with a tight, oversaturated marketplace. So, how does your choice in print and framing position you? The industry is quickly becoming more industrialised with cheap ‘production-line’ style products dominating in larger commercial stores, with emphasis on bottom lines and profit margins, it is evident in how those options represent you as an artist. This, along with a sharp rise in amateur artists looking to carve out a career as a professional, is opening the divide between the weekend ‘market artist’ and the seasoned pro.

What are our tips to make sure you position yourself correctly.


I think the saying goes; size does not matter.. its what you do with what you have? well art is no different, unless you can create a masterpiece at scale! Either way, if you are really weighing up the cost of ‘going big’, you’d be far better off with smaller pieces at higher quality.


We recommend Epson UltraHD inks, they have a 75% longer life than standard inks, are far better with fade resistance and have a broader colour gamut. They tend to sit better on coated stocks and can provide an ‘original’ look.


Did you know the Mona Lisa is protected by acrylic? With advances in technology, particularly in plastics production, we are seeing high grade acrylic as being a far better option for framing and mounting.. It is lighter, will not shatter, has a higher UV resistance and has lower reflection.


Make sure your framing company seals your frames correctly! This can drastically expand or reduce the lifespan of your artwork.. and as we know, an unhappy customer will tell 10x the amount of people than a happy customer. Your reputation of providing the highest quality will play a major part in your market position.

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