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Aussie photographers take out 2018 International Wedding Photographer of the Year comp

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Australian photographers Dan O’Day and Jason Tey have been awarded first and second place, respectively, in the second annual 2018 Wedding Photographer of the Year competition.

Aimed at promoting and celebrating the art of wedding photography, entrants competed for a prize pool valued at more than $30,000USD ($41,000AUD) in the 2018 competition.

Grand prize winner, Dan O'Day.
Grand prize winner, Dan O’Day.

O’Day’s winning image was captured at the National Art School in Sydney.

“For an hour we’d been running around the outskirts of the venue like kids in a playground, dropping smoke bombs and chasing what little golden Australian light we get at the end of the our time for portraits (it was my first and only time using coloured smokebombs, so it was pretty hit and miss),” he explains.

“In the final 5 minutes of sun, while Jess and Des were bee-lining it to their party, they walked through a slice of light coming off the roof from the building around us. There were partying guests, buildings, fire extinguishers on walls, and about 20 cars behind them in this shot, but in that moment and the light sliver, I saw the residual smoke hanging in the air and thought ‘sweet, there is residual smoke hanging in the air!’

I managed to stop them from giggling and being in love with that ‘just married’ vibe on their faces for about .06 of a second so that I could get my “dramatic tortured artist” fix and guide them through the slice of light.

Five minutes after this shot, they were busting through the doors of their party, high fiving guests, and drinking the good bubbles from the bottle, like they had headlined Coachella.”

Runner up, Jason Tey.
Runner up, Jason Tey.

The runner up shot, captured by Jason Tey, was taken at the Lancellin Sand Dunes in Perth, with a couple who had chosen to fly to the location from Hong Kong for the clear night sky.

“Out there it is so dark you’re left in awe at how vast and magnificent the universe is,” explains Tey. “After we located the core of the Milky Way, I worked out a beautifully balanced composition. There was a strange glow in the distance (most likely from street lamps) which I thought would ruin the image but it looked like a sunrise so we used that glow to create a silhouette. It’s one of those perfect surprises that you never expect and it makes an image special,” he said.

Categories awarded include; Album, B&W, Bridal Party, Couple Portrait, Dance Floor, Epic Location, From Above, Single Capture, Solo Portrait, Film Analog and Engagement/Non-wedding.

You can see the complete winners gallery at iwpoty.com.

Article Credit: Australian Photography

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