Consultancy Service

The thought of holding an exhibition can feel daunting and overwhelming. Our one-on-one consultancy service, run by Fuji X Ambassador and CFL Director, Glenn Mckimmin, will unpack every aspect of hosting a successful exhibition.


One-on-One Mentoring
with Glenn Mckimmin

Glenn Mckimmin is a professional landscape photographer, Fuji X Ambassador and director of Created For Life. Over the span of his career in the photographic industry, Glenn has been involved in hundreds of exhibitions. Witnessing first-hand what works and the pitfalls in hosting an event, the purpose of providing a free consultancy service is to inspire and empower photographers and artists to take the challenge of running a successful exhibition. As a company we are committed to supporting grass-roots arts and raising the profile of photography as a highly regarded art-form in Australia.

The service is complimentary. If you are thinking of holding an exhibition and want expert advice and support, have a chat with Glenn today.


The Right Mix

The right advice and direction, tailored to your specific goals, expectations and budget.

15 Yrs Experience

Printing, editing, selecting and proofing images for sale and exhibitions.

Time Is Money

Delivered in 1-2 hours. In person, via the phone or video conference. The choice is yours.

Value & Education

The piece of mind that you have all the tools necessary to organise and execute a successful event.




Photography training
Topic One

Selecting the right images

Selecting the right body of work is the foundation of any exhibition and is one of the most important steps in hosting a successful exhibition. The body of work will also speak to the purpose

Topic Two

Location, Location, Location

One of the aspects that can often be overlooked in importance, is the location of your exhibition. There are many things to consider when thinking about where to hold your event and your purpose or mission will play a part in selection.

Topic Three

Getting Attention

Build it and they will come.. yeah, nah. Marketing is essential when holding an event. Glenn will walk you through low-cost marketing tips to generate a swell of interest and attendance to your exhibition.

Topic Four

On the night

How to present your work and what descriptions to accompany. How to take orders and payments on the night. Give your guests a show! giveaways, local identities, dignitaries, catering, event partnerships, MC, music.

Topic Five

Product Info

The appreciation of having someone purchase your work is thrilling. Glenn will talk through the different types of products you can offer and the merits of particular materials and print methods.

Topic Six

Stop.. Collaborate and Listen.

Collaborations can be a great way of adding fresh perspective, other interest and a wider audience. They also come with some challenges. Glenn will discuss the pros and cons of collaborations and the agreements you should have in place before starting.

Topic Seven

Is the price right?

Why not talk about price first? Pricing your work is one of the most difficult processes you will face during the process.. too cheap and it will affect your market positioning, too expensive and you potentially face making a loss. Glenn will walk you through how to price your work correctly to hit the sweet spot.

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