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Below you will find a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions regarding our products, services and operations. If you have a question that isn't listed below please visit our Contact page, or email our support team at info@createdforlife.com

Acrylic Facemounting

What type of acrylic is used?

We use museum grade shinkolite, which is the finest grade acrylic in the world.

Does this product have UV protection?

Yes, this product offers a 99% UV protection rate.


What paper is used?

This is your choice, you can either use a semigloss or matt paper.

Is the process archival?

Like all products crafted by Created for Life, we always use the most archival acid free products that are available. As with any product kept in the right conditions it will last.

Giclée Canvas Printing

What type of canvas is used?

We use the Leonardo (gloss) Hahnemuhle canvas.

Is the print protected?

We can spray the prints for you with a protective archival coating.

Should I mirror the edges?

This really depends on the look you are after, a mirrored edge allows the image to wrap around and without this we either wrap the image or leave white border on the edge. If mirroring is too hard for you we can also do this for you.

What size stretcher bar do you use?

We offer 20 or 40mm stretcher bar.

What experience does Created For Life have?

How long has Created For Life been operational?

Created For Life has been in the photographic printing and framing game for over 20 years, making us one of the oldest full solution printing and framing companies in Australia.

How much experience does the team have?

The Created For Life team boasts a combined industry experience of over 130 years. Our staff are trained to provide the highest possible archival results for your product.

Workmanship and pride

Rest assured that when you choose Created For Life you are choosing craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail that few can match. We pride ourselves on quality and commitment to our clients as such we consistently deliver work of the highest order to our very valued clients.

Fine Art Printing

What inks are used on the prints?

UltraChrome HDR builds on Epson’s famous K3 pigment ink technology. Developed for professional photography and proofing work, the K3 family is not only cost-effective, but delivers prints with exception colour accuracy and high durability. The ink set includes 4 blacks (3 of which can be combined on a single print) that work together to produce outstanding black and white output with superb grey balance and smooth tonal gradations on a wide variety of media types.

What printers will be used for my prints?

Created for life boasts three SP-9900 is a 44″ (1118mm) Large Format Printer’s that are designed for photo printing and proofing work. It supports a wide range of roll and sheet media and features an ultra-fine MicroPiezo® Thin Film (TFP) head with Variable Sized Droplet Technology™ for output with superior resolution, gradations and colour density. It uses Epson UltraChrome® HDR all-pigment aqueous ink with an 11 cartridge configuration for premium colour and B&W output that is consistent, predictable and durable.

How are my prints packaged for delivery?

At Created for Life all prints are checked over to detect any possible imperfections, the are then rolled with a non-abrasive tissue and packed in a thick walled tubed for delivery to your business or direct to your clients.

Care & Maintenance

How do I clean the acrylic on my framed print?

We recommend a micro fibre cloth and genuine acrylic cleaner. Do not use any glass cleaning products or any abrasive cleaning products.

How do I clean my custom frame?

Do not use any abrasive cleaning products. A micro fibre cloth and warm water should remove any marks.


Do you delivery on weekends?

No not usually, the courier companies only deliver Monday to Friday.

How much do you charge for delivery?

This depends on a number of variables but you can find this on our price list under freight charges.

Can I track my order?

Tracking number can be provided if needed.


How do I order a print?

Prints can be ordered directly through our website by clicking on ‘Send Us Files’ in the main menu. You can also use our purpose built custom ordering system by clicking ‘Upload & Create’ in the main menu.

How do I order a frame/facemount/canvas?

This can happen a few ways, either we print the prints and then they track through to our framing department, or you can send us prints via courier, or also you can drop into our beautiful Erina showroom and see the products we offer first hand.

Pricing & Payment

Do prices on the price list include GST?

Yes all prices include GST.

Do you have professional pricing?

Yes we do offer professional pricing. We have an application process to assess the volume of work you may be producing and see how we can best service your needs, please visit the ‘Professional Pricing’ section of the website under ‘Pricing’ in the main menu for more information.

Do you odder discounts for bulk orders?

Yes we do, just send an email through and we can answer your queries for you.

Do you price match with other framing companies?

No not usually, we will always try and be competitive where possible however we are happy to stand behind the quality we produce and our price will always reflect that quality.


Do you accept returns?

If a product is damaged upon receipt or there is any imperfection on our part we will get the product returned and repaired for you.

What is the process for returning a damaged frame?

Created For Life will assume the responsibility for the return of the product.

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