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We recommend images uploaded are under 64MB and are in a JPG format

If you have a bigger file and would like it printed and framed just complete the order process above with a smaller image and then head to the Send Us Files page to send a high res version.

For photo retouching, restoration and processing services, please use the Send Us Files section of the website.

For our existing clients that want to continue as they were, thats fine you can still send us files, follow this link to place your order.

Acrylic with UV protection
We use it for its purity and for its ability to block harmful UV rays from damaging the print

30 years of experience
We have been producing custom framing products and professional prints for over three decades

Wooden Gloss Frame Corner

Attention to detail
We obsess over the fine details on ever project, to ensure your products are perfect

Frame Crafting

High quality materials
We use only the finest Hanenemüle and Fotospeed art papers to ensure longevity for all prints

Award winning framing quality

Australia wide and International shipping

100% money back guarantee

Professionally packed and delivered

Created For Life uses only the most highly regarded paper and ink for all products.

Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper

We use the highest quality paper available. Hahnemühle makes unique papers for unique works of art. Since 1584 they have been producing paper of unparalleled quality for artistic and graphic use.

Exceptional Quality Inks

UltraChrome HDR builds on Epson’s famous K3 pigment ink technology. Developed for professional photography and proofing work, the K3 family is not only cost-effective, but delivers prints with exception colour accuracy and high durability.

For canvas orders, we use Hahnemühle Leonardo canvas, perfect for artwork reproduction.

Giclée Canvas

Giclée canvas is the highest quality that you can produce. We pride ourselves on the quality of our finished products.

Custom Made

Every canvas is made to order. We don’t run a mass production assembly line. We take our time with every individual canvas that we produce.


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